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About us

Company overview

INTRON Ltd is a computer hardware and software research and development company. We design and develop System-Level Design Solutions, IP Cores, and SoCs for IC design industry.

INTRON is built of highly qualified team of scientists, engineers and designers. Our members are highly skilled in development of the specialized computers, VLSI sets, microprocessor systems, computer tomographs, and dozens of other technologies over past 25 years.

INTRON Ltd is a privately held independent company with 30+ employees. We were founded in 2000, we are located in Lviv, Ukraine.

For more information about INTRON, please download our brochure.

Board of Directors

Anatoliy Melnyk, Founder, Chairman of the Board


Anatoliy Melnyk is President and CEO of INTRON. Since 1994 he is a Head of Department of Computer Engineering at Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv, Ukraine, a member of Methodical Commission on Computer Engineering and a member of Expert Council of State Accreditation Commission of Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine. From 1982 to 1994 he was with the Lviv Radio Engineering Research Institute: to 1986 as a scientific researcher, to 1994 as a Head of the Department of Digital Signal Processing Systems. During this period he was a member of the Scientific Technical Council of the Ministry of the Radio Technical Industry of USSR, a member of the Scientific Section on Problems of Image Processing of the Academy of Sciences of USSR, a member of the Coordination Commission on Microelectronics Components of the Ministry of Machine Building Industry of Ukraine. Anatoliy has taken a part as a project leader in performing a large number of scientific projects in the field of computer systems. Among them are the floating-point digital signal processor, floating-point processor for computing of the elementary functions, series of the radar signal processors, series of the specialized FFT processors, VLSI set for digital signal processors, multiprocessor system based on TI TMS320 DSP family, fast orthogonal transformations processor, industrial computer tomography etc. Anatoliy is a member of IEE from 1996, academician and a head of Lviv division of the International Academy of the Computer Sciences and Systems from 1997. He is a member of ACM since 1998 (head of Ukrainian chapter in 2000-2002), member of IEEE since 2001. He has published about 400 scientific papers, holds 87 patents and DSc degree in technical sciences, diploma of Professor from Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine in 1996.

Viktor Melnyk, Founder, Non-Executive Director


Viktor Melnyk is Vice-President and Manager of Silicon Division at INTRON. He has 9 years of experience in IP Cores and SoCs design, proven contribution into IP Cores design methodology. Highly experienced in computer data protection, including cryptographic algorithms, cryptographic processors design and implementation, and wireless sensor network security. Viktor holds MSc degree in computer systems and networks and PhD degree in technical sciences, he has published 16 scientific papers.

Ivan Moroz, Founder, Non-Executive Director

Ivan Moroz is Manager of Software Division at INTRON. He has 19 years of experience in image and signal processing software modeling and development, 2D and 3D image processing, including feature extraction, image segmentation, 2D and 3D image reconstruction, object description and classification. Ivan holds Diploma of Engineer in design and technology of radio-electronic devices, he has published 14 scientific papers.

Volodymyr Emets, Founder, Non-Executive Director

Volodymyr Emets is Manager of Image Reconstruction Division at INTRON. Volodymyr holds DSc degree in physics and mathematics.

Contact information

INTRON Ltd is based in Lviv, Ukraine. For more information visit the contact us page, or send an email to


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