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INTRON Ltd is a computer hardware and software research and development company. We design and develop System-Level Design Solutions, IP Cores, and SoCs for IC design industry.


General information

OCA — The Graphic System for Algorithm Structure Analysis and Processing
The graphic system for algorithm structure analysis and processing enables to obtain different parallel forms of algorithms and their parameters and to choose the optimal one for further application.
The results of processing of the graphs are displayed on the screen as corresponding algorithm flow graph (AFG). The obtained AFG can be saved in JPEG, BMP, PNG formats or in DOM format.
The AFG processing results are displayed on the screen as the corresponding electronic tables which can be processed by other programs supporting electronic tables, for instance, Microsoft Excel.


This software is written on C++ in the programming environment QtCreator IDE. The created program product is designed to work on the Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Linux 2.6.27 (with installed KDE window programming environment) platforms



OCA environment performs analysis and gives possibility to effectively elaborate and modify algorithms structure.


•  algorithm graph analysis and AFG building;
•  changing of AFG width;
•  simplifying the algorithm due to the data output rule;
•  decreasing of AFG height;
•  AFG parameters displaying.