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INTRON Ltd, Kulparkivska St. 59, Building 42, 79015, Lviv, Ukraine.

INTRON Ltd is a computer hardware and software research and development company. We design and develop System-Level Design Solutions, IP Cores, and SoCs for IC design industry.

Arithmetic and Mathematic Functions IP Cores

  Arithmetic asd Mathematic Functions IP Cores
Our Arithmetic and Mathematic Functions IP Cores implement widely used arithmetic and mathematic functions, which are time-consuming and sometimes not sufficient to be implemented in software for real-time applications. These IP Cores are intended to be used as components of larger SoCs.
01. FPD_IEEE754 IEEE754-Standard Floating-Point Number Divider IP Core download datasheet
02. FP_1_div_X_IEEE754 IEEE754-Standard Floating-Point Reciprocal Function IP Core download datasheet