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INTRON Ltd, Kulparkivska St. 59, Building 42, 79015, Lviv, Ukraine.

INTRON Ltd is a computer hardware and software research and development company. We design and develop System-Level Design Solutions, IP Cores, and SoCs for IC design industry.

Intellectual Property Cores

INTRON IP Cores Our IP Cores represent an outcome of joint effort of INTRON's researchers and engineers. New, and patented by INTRON, scientific solutions together with accuracy and professionalism of our engineers form the basis of design of our each IP Core. Check the links below to find out more.
•  Data Protection IP Cores;
•  Fast Orthogonal Transformations IP Cores;
•  Inter-Core Communications IP Cores;
•  Hierarchical IP Core Generator for Quantum Fourier Transform Implementation in FPGA;
•  Media IP Cores;
•  Arithmetic and Mathematic Functions IP Cores.