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HealthSupervisor: a mobile application for remote monitoring of a human functional state

The HealthSupervisor is a mobile application for smartphones that allows supervisors to constantly observe the functional state of its client. Observation may be performed by a doctor, someone from the family if an older or disabled person is monitored, a coach who monitors the state of team members, etc. The application is based on wireless devices and is designed to monitor the human functional state around the clock, regardless of their location. The human functional state is estimated on the analysis of the following parameters: the oxygen level in the blood, pulse frequency, and respiratory rate, continuously and remotely. These data from the pulse oximeter, smartwatch or other wearable device wirelessly connected to the client's smartphone will be sent to the server, where the supervisor will receive information about the client's functional state and can decide on further activity.

Importantly, in this way, it will be possible to track the functional state in clients that need constant observation as older adults or people with Covid-19. It also can be used to monitor clients with medical diseases such as asthma, vascular diseases, and cancer.

Data on the client's functional state are presented in a convenient and clear form. As an example, Figure 1 shows the presentation of client data in the HealthSupervisor application.

As another example, Figure 2 provides detailed information on SpO2 in the HealthSupervisor application.

Figure 1. Presentation of client data in the HealthSupervisor application
Figure 2. Detailed information on SpO2 in the HealthSupervisor application

If you want to have round-the-clock control of professionals or proxies, this mobile application will allow you to do so.

What do you need to apply this mobile application?

Result: Your supervisor will remotely monitor your functional state regardless of your location: at home, at work, in the hospital. He can see current data and read your state history as well as messages when parameters are outside the limits set.

The HealthSupervisor mobile application and instructions for its use can be found at healthsupervisor.com.ua