Data Protection in Computer and Telecommunication Networks.
Algorithms and Processors of Symmetric Block Encryption.

Tymur Korkishko, Anatoliy Melnyk, Viktor Melnyk


The book “Algorithms and processors of symmetric block encryption” considers modern symmetric block ciphers and principles of their use, main approaches and principles to design of the symmetric block encryption processors. It consists of six chapters.

First chapter describes questions of the data protection by the means of the symmetric block ciphers. The tasks of the symmetric block encryption algorithms in computer and telecommunication networks are being analysed there. Main definitions and principles of the data protection, based on symmetric block encryption algorithms, are given. The schemes of symmetric block encryption and operation modes are discussed.

Second chapter is dedicated to modern and widely used symmetric block encryption algorithms description and main principles of these algorithms design. The algorithms that are being analysed are: DES, GOST 28147-89, RC6, SPECTR-H64, IDEA, and AES.

Third chapter investigates structure, processing organization, and parameters of the symmetric block encryption algorithms.

In the forth chapter the symmetric block encryption processors are described. The requirements on their safety and performance, their features, and methods of their plug-in with computer systems are analysed. Advantages and disadvantages of symmetric block encryption algorithms execution on programmable processors and application-specific processors are shown.

Fifth chapter deals with symmetric block encryption processors architecture. Here several different architecture options for single- and multi-channel symmetric block encryption processors are being analysed; the principles of their operational units and functional modules design are being analysed; for the other units (operation modes units, channels context memories, control units) design analysis is provided as well. Approaches to speed-up data processing by the symmetric block encryption processors are outlined.

Sixth chapter deals with questions of the symmetric block encryption processors design on FPGA with use of the hardware description languages.